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Lincolnshire Youth Ballet

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About LYB


Lincolnshire Youth Ballet (LYB) is a ballet company of approx. 50 dancers, 25 seniors and 25 juniors auditioned from all across the region from many different dance schools. The students meet for the first time typically on the first Saturday of the summer holidays in order to meet each other and the teachers, Miss Henri Tatton and Miss Maggie Purr. The students then meet every weekday for the next three weeks at the Welland School of Dancing studios in Stamford, Lincolnshire for an intensive training and rehearsal period. Students rehearse Monday to Friday 10:00-3:00 pm, starting with morning ballet class, and then split into smaller groups for rehearsals. Early on in the first week they are cast into specific roles.


Each year, LYB chooses from classics such as Swan Lake, Coppélia, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty for their annual production. In 2021, our inaugural year, LYB presented Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty was our second production performed in August 2022. A Midsummer Night's Dream was out latest production in August 2023Our upcoming production for 2024 will be Alice in Wonderland. We put on a matinee and evening performance at the Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre on the final Saturday of our three week rehearsal period. Please see confirmed dates below for our upcoming production.


Stand-alone auditions are typically held in October, January and May for each new upcoming August production and are open to all students age 8 and up. Juniors (age 8-11) need to be a minimum of Grade 1 ballet standard, and seniors (age 12 and up) need to be a minimum of Grade 3 ballet and up. The audition takes the format of a ballet class. If necessary, the auditions will be split into the following groups: Juniors (Grade 1-2 Ballet), Inters (Grade 3-4) and Seniors (Grade 5 - Advanced Ballet). Students need to be a minimum of Grade 1 ballet and maximum of pre-professional vocational students. We do not require a solo to be prepared. Boys and girls will audition together.

There is a £12.50 audition fee. Every student that applies will get an audition, and every student receives written feedback regardless of the result within 21 days of the audition. Students will not find out their result on the day. Students can apply for an audition online through our website.   


The cost of LYB is £605 per student with a deposit of £110 for those students offered a place. The fee covers the three week intensive training period, theatre rehearsals, two performances, and costumes. Students are not expected to purchase their own costumes; these will be supplied by LYB. Students will have to provide their own ballet shoes or pointe shoes where required. Based on a typical six hour rehearsal day, this works out at approx. £6.00 per hour. 


LYB may award discretionary half bursaries to a student or students who show exceptional talent but who may not be able to afford the full fees. LYB encourages all students to attend our audition, regardless of financial circumstances.  


Alice in Wonderland 2024


Audition date: Sunday 19th May 2024Welland School of Dancing, Broad Street, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 1PJ

Rehearsal period: Saturday 20 July – Friday 9 August 2024 - Welland School of Dancing

Performances: Saturday 10 August 2024 - The Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre, Broad Street, Stamford



The Former Stamford Museum, Broad Street,                      Stamford, Lincs,                            PE9 1PJ

Phone: 07828 857061

Customer Review

"This was our second year of our eldest daughter being part of LYB and the company just goes from strength to strength. The quality of talent, teaching and ultimate performance was just superb. For any child that adores ballet this is such a positive experience that progresses both technique and  performance exponentially. The younger members of the company are mentored and inspired by the older member, and the use of professional principals just adds to this. My youngest who had just completed grade 1 also joined this year and the progression in her ballet was evident and her confidence boosted. Both girls left the final performance already talking about next year and we have scheduled out summer holidays accordingly! Thank you to all involved."